NEWS #28│PLAYLIST ➤ El Muelle 1931 Shop (◉‿◉)

► Listen to our weekly Playlist with the latest news from our store: The soundtrack of our bar El Muelle, founded by our grandfather in 1931.


Razen - Regression Nebula
Genetisis - Preparatory Rising
Bergur Anderson - Theme: Ascention
Jac Berrocal - Tel Un Effondrement
Montel Palmer - Fresh Mourning
Eric Schumacher, Andrea Clavadetscher - See Flower
Yasuaki Shimizu - Boutique Joy
Orquesta De Las Nubes - Tres Ostras
X.Y.R. - Dreamwave
Loris S. Sarid - Toad
Joost M. de Jong jr. - Arpeggio nr. 3
Michal Turtle & Suso Saiz - Returning to Brendleton
Viktor Timofeev - Lament of the Ur
Suso Sáiz & Suzanne Kraft - Melody Harp
Suso Sáiz - Con Los Ojos
L/F/D/M - Plute
Brother Resistance - Wars In Space Dub
Helado Negro - Running
Influenza Prods. - Peace Soup
Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt - Ojazo
No More - Suicide Commando
Friendly Boyfriend - Beatnik
Skiftande Enheter - Öppna Landskap
Toshiya Tsunoda - Landscape and Voice
Alter Ego + Matmos - A(Round) Giacinto Scelsi
Pauline Oliveros - The Wanderer
Ekolali - The Exercise of Sense Perception
Pauline Oliveros - Horse Sings From Cloud

ღ Thank you for listening!


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