NEWS #38│PLAYLIST ➤ El Muelle 1931 Shop (◉‿◉)

► Listen to our weekly Playlist with the latest news from our store: The soundtrack of our bar El Muelle, founded by our grandfather in 1931.


Christina Vantzou, Michael Harrison and John Also Bennett - Piano on Tape
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Labyrinth XII
Picastro - Pale Blue Eyes
Charlie Megira - Tomorrow's Gone
Neutral - Före
Slumberland & Sainkho Namtchylak - Zarja Zakat Zarja
Šimanský Niesner - Pražská Rága
Ameel Brecht - Palmistry (with Marnie Weber and Walter Hus)
Kensho Nakamura - Feooh
A Frei - Peri-Acoustic Feedbacks
Mark Gomes - Dropshaft
Twin Cosmos - Seventy Cherrys
Óscar Barras - Reino visible
Chris Cundy - High In The Woods We Went
Deena Abdelwahed and Mazen Kerbaj - Blue Malediction
Tomaga - Ersangerkrieg
Mister Water Wet - Isthmus
Amateur Hour - Sunshine
Franciska - Side A
Alexandra Spence - A veil
Jakob Battick & Tongue Depressor - Reek of Ressurection
Lolina - The Missing Evidence
Tetrphnm - Track11
Charlie Megira and The Hefker Girl - Fear and Joy

ღ Thank you for listening!

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