NEWS #50│PLAYLIST ➤ El Muelle 1931 Shop (◉‿◉)

► Listen to our weekly Playlist with the latest news from our store: The soundtrack of our bar El Muelle, founded by our grandfather in 1931.


Mme Psychosis - Vibe
Roger 3000 - Vieux félin
People Skills - Magnet Hill B. (lock groove loop)
Jacques van Erven - Untitled
Arthur Chambry - Chacun répond presente
De Ambassade - The Valley
D&V - Conscious (Pilot)
Alvin Curran - Bay Area 2
ugne&maria - Shebang
Two Form a Click vs Horacio Pollard - Band of Reflection
Gijs Gieskes - Greek delight
Julia Reidy / Morten Joh - Sync
Maan - Vapourspace
Salenta + Topu
Juho Toivonen - Hyönteisille
Curd Duca - Gilbert Plasma
Stanislav Tolkachev - Young Planet
Richard Youngs - Modern Sorrow
Anthony Pateras - There Is A Danger Only Our Mistakes Are New
Bergur Anderson - Around the Songster’s Commune (Side A)
Julius Eastman - Stay On It - 24:20 min (30sec snippet)
Incipientium - Undergång (Mind / Body / Sound / Soul / Blind Spot / Reminiscence)
Efraín Rozas - Still (Part One)

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