NEWS #58│PLAYLIST ➤ El Muelle 1931 Shop (◉‿◉)

► Listen to our weekly Playlist with the latest news from our store: The soundtrack of our bar El Muelle, founded by our grandfather in 1931.


Pablo Volt - Volvía a casa caminando y llegué algo triste
Simplists - Simplists inna hate trk
Gino Rotten - VIII
Lolina - Face The Music
The Air Music International - General Strike
Vicente Atria - Raso, Sarga, Tafetán (VI)
Timelash - Primal Plateau
Werner Durand, Amelia Cuni, Uli Hohmann - Clearing
Natural Information Society - Stigmergy
Jeff Parker - 2019-07-08 II
Sea Urchin - Natal Uranus, bimbo ozono sotto il sole a picco
Lauren Ville - Face A
Ordeal - Huggormen
Earth - Like Gold And Faceted
PV3000 - Laser Cutter
Conrad Pack - Gateway (Version)
Bar Italia - Punkt
Bar Italia - Jelsy

ღ Thank you for listening!

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