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Anton Pieete - Brains

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Wake Dream / Netherlands / 2023

Brains is the first full length by Anton Pieete in 5 years, and the first release under his given name since 2016.

Born into a family of sound designers and making his own initial steps into a life of music in the late nineties in trash and hardcore metal bands and via an inherited drumcomputer into techno and minimal in the early 2000’s, Anton switched to the Darling moniker in 2016 with a series of kaleidoscopic retro-futurist releases on Voyage Direct and Safe Trip.

With Brains, Anton Pieete comes full circle and takes the next step, putting a lifetime of musicality, recording experience into a highly musical album, having given himself room for exploration, not being fixed on an end goal. The 11 songs on Brains are filled with emotion, some sweet and hopeful, some gloomy and restless.

Cover illustration by Jorge Velez