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Bathouse - Helping Bats Helping People

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Happiest Place / Sweden / 2023

Hailing from the gatekeeper city of Malmö towards the European continent - Bathouse story is a long one & a tale of progress. Starting out as a duo venture back in the mid-10’s & then put on hold, Bathouse re-surfaced in 2020 with the release of their self-titled debut album.

Making themselves known as a must experience live band in Malmö for their intense delivery & crushing volume - Philip Lindskog (drums), Jesper Olsson (vocals & guitar) & Denise Madsen Hult (bass) went into Studio Sickan again in 2021 with Joakim Lindberg (MF/MB) and recorded a scorching 13 minutes worth of noise, worthy anyone of the heavyweights. 

’Helping Bats Helping People’ is Bathouse 
sophomore album & will follow the two singles ’Enjoy’ & ’Ideal Specimen’, taken 
from the album.

For fans of The Hospitals, At The Drive-In, 
 Unsane, Bent Spanner Arty Banner &