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Bourbonese Qualk - Bourbonese Qualk

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Mannequin / Germany / 2022 

The self named LP marked the end of the first incarnation of Bourbonese Qualk. Julian Gilbert left the group after ‘the spike'(1986) to concentrate on writing and theatre, leaving Steven Tanza and Simon Crab who parted ways after touring in Europe in early 1986 and recording this album. Steven Tanza went on to found the group ‘The State’ and while Crab continued as Bourbonese Qualk (with the new line-up of Miles Miles,Crab and Owen If), dissolved the Recloose Organisation label and founded ‘New International’ as the outlet for future Bourbonese Qualk and Recloose Org releases.

‘Bourbonese Qualk’ LP. New International NIR187 1987

"If we were awarding prizes for making people rush out of the room in blind panic Bourbonese Qualk would have a trophy cabinet to match Bayern Munich’s. strange, because whilst some of their music is damned uncomfortable listening, an equal part is pleasantly ambient. pretty, even. their 6th album is no exception with different types of track side by side throughout, so that the listener can neither drift along in a state of slumber nor masochistically subject themselves to the audio equivalent of the chinese water torture. this makes it all a very stop-start thing but all the more rewarding as a result. file under, er, Bourbonese Qualk."