Graeme Jefferies - Messages For The Cakekitchen - ElMuelle1931

Graeme Jefferies - Messages For The Cakekitchen

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Ally Records / US / 2021

Graeme Jefferies’ first issue of recordings after leaving “This Kind of Punishment” and the first record using the idea of the Cakekitchen as a recording project. It was put together piece by piece on Graeme’s Teac 4 track over a three year period in various bedroom studios and warehouse spaces in Auckland, Christchurch and Dunedin.

Messages For… was originally released in 1988 by Flying Nun Records of New Zealand and later licensed to Ajax Records of Chicago. Most of these songs would not sound too out of place on a This Kind of Punishment album and this record was more or less made at the same time as the final TKP release, using the same instruments and equipment.