Johannes Fritsch – Kyo Mu / Hochtöner - ElMuelle1931

Johannes Fritsch – Kyo Mu / Hochtöner

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Metaphon / Belgium / 2022 

A- ‘Kyo Mu’ (1982) – 30:20
Johannes Fritsch: Tape (viola, electronic and concrete sounds)
Hitomi Endo: Shakuhachi
Weltmusik-Kongress, Vlotho 11.10.82 – première recording

B- ‘Hochtöner’ (1974) – 18:19
Johannes Fritsch: Viola and Tape
Rolf Gehlhaar: Percussion
David Johnson: Flute, Synthesizer
Composed 1974, recorded 1975 at Feedback Studio Cologne

‘Kyo Mu’ and ‘Hochtöner’ both reveal a mesmerizing symbiosis of innovative sound exploration and visionary interior music, a sublime compound of fine-drawn intricate arrangements skillfully projected in space and time, or perhaps beyond space and time.

Johannes Fritsch (1941–2010) was an award-winning composer, musician, publisher, studio owner, author and music teacher. He studied viola and composition with Bernd Alois Zimmermann and was member of the Stockhausen Ensemble from 1964 to 1970. Together with Rolf Gehlhaar and David Johnson (also from the Stockhausen Ensemble) he established the Feedback Studio Köln and the Feedback Studio Verlag, the first publishing house owned by composers in Germany.
Fritsch’s complex musical estate consists of approximately 130 works: it covers electronic music, chamber music, ballet, theatre and film music, organ compositions, an opera and pieces for large orchestras. Although Fritsch’s compositions are varied, all of them convey a strong interest in new sound combinations and sound colours.