Mikhail Mineral / Михаил Минерал - Lob / Лоб - ElMuelle1931

Mikhail Mineral / Михаил Минерал - Lob / Лоб

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Inu Wan Wan / US / 2022

(MINT/NM) *Minor corner wear

Each feedback piercing with a sour blinding flash, each noise background gnawing with dry, slobberless teeth from futile attempts to connect one tech-organ to another struck annihilating, but never completely blows at the beast, great and immortal, varying its power from a barely audible whisper in an empty box to loud rumble in the mountains. Coming to my senses after another automatic battle one morning, I want to express my gratitude to all the creators of incendiary rhythms and to all those who know how to buy and install modern audio cards for the fact that you will maybe record or have already recorded some music that I could not but instead produced this album with the help of pots, playgrounds and nutshells, vocals, saxophone, harmonica, cricket, Tatar ditties, keys, accordion and the sound of heels on the stairs to the cave of ascetic pleasures in the heart of this vinyl disc. - MM

Mikhail Mineral modulates contingencies from the underbelly of the ouroboros of sound and music. This solo recording, 'Lob' translating to 'Forehead', rotates through little instruments unimpeded by time. Mineral, of the Moscow ensemble Asian Women On The Telephone, sets the tempo to zero and imitates no one. They contract their thinking and world into an intensive magnitude, this disc. Infer their creative legitimacy by carving out your own register of sensations. Invest in the zones of intensities to know these vibrations between materials and derive an interpretation. The capacity of music to live socially is independent of fidelity. There is no accurate description. - CM