Telesoniek Atelier - A Selection Of Improvisations 1989-2017 - ElMuelle1931

Telesoniek Atelier - A Selection Of Improvisations 1989-2017

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Not On Label / Netherlands / 2022 / 2LP

Over the years Telesoniek Atelier employed various mixing and recording methods: from self-built passive mixers combined with the voltage processors of the ARP 2600 to various tape cassette recorders. The goal was never achieving the best possible audio recording quality - ‘’I was mainly interested in capturing the momentary musical idea improvised on these great SCI, Oberheim and ARP instruments.’’

All of these instruments were played using CV foot pedals for overall expression, in addition to knob and wheel parameter controls. Most of the time the Prophet 10 was played in 'double mode' coupling the lower and upper voices. The Prophet 10 has a unique bug; the sequence transpose works chromatically. However in this mode the played notes on the lower keyboard are transposed in whole tones only. So very specific voicings are needed and heard on this record.

In 2021 Telesoniek Atelier made small edits in Reaper of some of the recordings for this release.