番長 Taste - 番長 Taste - ElMuelle1931

番長 Taste - 番長 Taste

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IDDB / Sweden / 2022

There’s pomade in the petals and chewy in the pedals as this giddy n giggly Diddley squad blat out a conbini-run worth of high-collared confectionary rabble and pretty in pink tattle. Either the sakura suck or Dale’s a done duck with these creepers n sleepers to raising glasses after dark and a swoon song in the park.
February 2009 Tokyo - Mark Anderson (Greymouth/Mysteries of Love), Anthony Guerra(Love Chants/Mysteries of Love) and mysterious rocker ‘Mariyo’ grease the chains and enter the fray to throw-down and hoon some tunes to the moon. 45 rpm. Edition of 200 copies with postcard sleeves and insert.